Blaze-craft Can you survive the Heat?

About Us

We have a really tight system For OPs if you think you have the stuff you can eter your info on this site well see if youve got it.

Contact us now at = Chris Young (me)  =  Zach Johnson = Shane Dostie


I started just working on a small world on single player, as the years i grew MORE interested in Mine craft I realized... Hey why not build a server? so the fun began. I went through my face book told my friends I was making a server i had gotten a reply from my buddy Trevor. He said " I'll help " so I made a hamachi server. But unlikely as it was I kept thinking to my self... Why am I waisting my time and not going public... Well here it is!!! BLAZE CRAFT! 

 Need help port forwarding on ciso routers? contact my email and ill try to help!

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